The 2016 Conference

CS International 2016 saw a record number of delegates and sponsors attend the event and the seventh annual CS International conference will be looking to grow this even further and build on the success of the previous events.

Five key themes

The 2017 conference will cover all aspects of the industry, with presentations grouped into five key themes:

Refining handset architectures for the 2020's

Will handsets be crammed with ever more III-V content? And could GaN appear in the front-end in the coming years?

Perfecting power electronics

Can the best devices stem from the ultra-wide bandgap of gallium oxide? Or will they emerge from foundries processing GaN and SiC on silicon?

Optimising light emitters

Are colossal LED fabs revolutionising chip manufacture? And what are the big opportunities for visible lasers?

Revolutionizing RF chips

Will GaN RF deliver the best bang per buck by increases transistor voltages, or making these devices on silicon? And what are the best options for really high frequencies?

Exploiting heterogeneous integration

What are the fruits of a marriage between silicon and the III-Vs? And can higher mobility materials improve microprocessors and memory?

Brussels: 7th - 8th March, 2017