The 2017 Conference

CS International 2017 saw a record number of delegates and sponsors attend the event and the eighth annual CS International conference will be looking to grow this even further and build on the success of the previous events.

Five key themes

The 2018 conference will cover all aspects of the industry, with presentations grouped into five key themes.

The Compound Semiconductor team are currently in the process of securing the leading industry insiders to present at CS International 2018.

If you are interested in speaking at CS International 2018, please contact or call +44 (0)24 76718970.

5G: Where are we and what's next?

What form will 5G take? And how good will 5G be for GaAs and GaN?

Wrestling market share from silicon power devices

What are the next opportunities for SiC? And how can GaN gain significant traction in the market place?

Ramping revenues from RF devices

What are the opportunities for III-Vs in defense and civilian markets? Will higher frequencies open up new sales?

LEDs: Magnifying margins

Which sectors offer the best returns? Does the bottom line get the biggest benefit from streamlining manufacturing, or from optimising the chip?

Finding solutions with heterogeneous integration

Where will the growth of compound semiconductors on silicon deliver a fundamental change? And what are the tricks to ensure success?

10th   -   11th   April   2018